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Kajabi Vs. Wordpress - Part 2

tech thoughts Mar 02, 2019


If you've read part 1 of our Kajabi vs. Wordpress series, you'll know that Kajabi is an all in one platform that doesn't require plugins to run efficiently. There's two types of people out there.  The course creator who is highly tech savvy, can build their own websites, knows coding, and understand Wordpress like the back of their hand.  Then there's the course creator who has no idea how to launch a website, edit code, or install a theme or plugin on their hosted Wordpress site. 


I'm guessing you're a lot like me before I got started with online web design and development.  I had no idea what was going on in the backend of Wordpress, I spent countless hours researching the best plugins to install for my website to work, and I didn't even know how to create a blog post!  If I was paying myself for all of the wasted time researching plugins and time spent, it would have been thousands of dollars.  We're going to review the key differences of Kajabi vs. Wordpress.


We're a firm believer in value over price, so we'll start with what it provides you!

Kajabi is a platform designed to help you build your website, host your course platform, and run your customer relations management (think Mailchimp).  It's the all in one platform that you've been looking for, you might have just not heard about.

There's plenty of free one month trial offers out there to get you started.  The concerns I hear from most clients and consumers on Kajabi is, how do I set everything up?  Kajabi offers plenty of base themes to get you started.  They offer basic guides in their themes for you to add in your own copy and images.  Kajabi is a very robust platform, but it certainly lacks in the base theme designs.  You'll be left with wanting a lot more in the design and presentation of your website!

Although Kajabi lacks in the design of its themes, it excels in everything else!  What do we mean by that?  Well, you no longer need to have any additional monthly subscriptions or pay for plugins.  You have a monthly set fee and that's it.  You have a landing page creator, funnels, email campaign creation, customer relation management, popups, lead form capture, assessments, affiliates, analytics, and it easily integrates with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and other third party applications.  

Would you like to learn more about Kajabi and everything it offers?  We'll walk you through all of the features of Kajabi.


Wordpress is the platform you always hear about.  It's been available for a long time and it's the go to for most designers and developers.  It's an open source platform and there's an abundance of plugins.  You can find a plugin to do just about anything in Wordpress, but is that necessarily a good thing?

You may be like me and you become overwhelmed with too many options.  That's the downfall of Wordpress.  There's a plugin for everything and you may not exactly need it to run your business.  Wouldn't it be nice to have everything you need already set up and not require constant updates to make sure everything is working properly?  

There's plenty of themes and custom designs for Wordpress, far more than Kajabi.  The issue you're going to run into is option overload.  You're trying to run an online business, not get lost in all of the features and options.  If you're not a technically savvy person, you're going to have a hard time getting everything to function without the help of a developer.  

The largest downfall to Wordpress is also why most people use the platform.  They think the abundance of options is going to allow them to scale and grow much easier.  The plugins offered are generally at a premium (there's no free lunch).  That couldn't be more true than on the Wordpress platform.  You're going to be paying for a course plugin, subscription plugin, a developer, and a slew of other plugins you may stumble across.  I'm sure you're like me and you prefer to run your business with less complication and confusion.  The old keep it simple stupid, comes to mind! 


Kajabi is a great all in one platform for course creators that includes all of the functions you'll ever need in a website, unless you're running an ecommerce store.  There's a number of different platforms out there, but Kajabi is the only one that integrates a front end website, backend membership portal, landing pages, and a client relation management system.

Wordpress is a very robust open source online platform which will require a slew of plugins and additional premium plugins ($$$).  You'll most likely need a few different subscriptions to your courses up and running and possibly have to hire a developer to connect everything for you.

You're running an online business and most likely you'll want to keep everything as simple as possible.  Save your time and frustration by using the Kajabi platform.  You'll be thanking yourself every time you go to sleep not having to worry if your website is still functioning properly.


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