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Ignite for the Kajabi Encore Platform!

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2022

Ignite is now on Kajabi's Encore platform!  We started at the beginning of this year developing all of our themes on Kajabi's Encore platform.  It's taken a long time, but we're happy to announce that the Ignite template is finalized. 

The Ignite template is perfect for entrepreneurs who are stuck with their current website. Are you overwhelmed and feeling defeated?  Are you struggling with design ideas for your Kajabi website?  Look no further than our Ignite theme!  Ignite is a sleek toned down design that features custom color sections, simple brackets, and standard photos.

Our themes and Ignite are now fully customizable on the Encore platform.  Ignite is fully customizable from every color block, custom line, highlighter color, and images.

Here are some of the features we're proud to showcase:

  1. Full customization of both desktop and mobile layout views.  This includes custom images for either display and hiding of content
  2. Full section customization with all components available to change colors, images, and accent images.
  3. Integration with Kajabi's updated Encore framework.  Previously all themes were on Premiere framework which was limiting for mobile layout.
  4. Full functionality with adding dropdown menus, padding, image sizes, font sizes, content sizes, and custom sections.

You may be asking... Why do I need the Ignite template for Kajabi and why is it so great?  Before the Encore platform on Kajabi, things were very rudimentary.  You weren't able to edit the mobile version of Kajabi very well compared to the desktop version.  There was limitations with design and now Ignite for Encore have unlocked all of those frustrations.  Every section is fully customizable and we're happy to guide you along your design with our theme walkthroughs.  Each walkthrough includes step by step videos for each specific theme.  It's not a general walkthrough, but specific to each section and all of its capabilities.  Let us guide you on your design!

You may be wondering why it took us so long to upgrade to the Encore platform?  Well, it's been a long journey.  Kajabi is one of the most difficult platforms to code on.  Most Kajabi themes offered by others aren't custom or even their theme.  It's the basic Encore theme that has the basic Kajabi sections altered by whoever is selling it.  They've gone in and changed the layout with the basic Kajabi theme... There's no customization!  We're proud to be one of the very few custom theme developers on the Kajabi platform.  We go in and custom code every section with our design.  Everything is coded on the back end for your ease of use!  This ensures that the design can be altered to your needs and if you mess up, you can always add the section back in to start fresh.

The options are truly endless with the Ignite theme for Kajabi on the Encore platform.  We're excited that we've come this far from launching our themes 4 years ago!  We're the most seasoned custom theme developer for the Kajabi platform and we've refined our products to get you unstuck from your design slump!

Check out more details on our Ignite theme here! (click click)


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